South India- Travel Guide

The tropical Jewel of India where the sun shines for the sea and the history has attracted backpackers and tourists from all over the world and still most of us Indians are obsessed with the destination outside the country. However Its great to explore the world and places outside country but we Indians are extremely blessed with the diversity of nature and culture that we have and It’s us who need to explore it.


Here is the sneak-peek of southern India which will give you serious wanderlust and make you pack your backpack and head south.



Hampi , The UNESCO world heritage site located in east central Karnataka 343 kms away from Banglore is a place must not to miss when you hit Southern India.The heritage from 14th century of Vijayanagara Empire is something that a nomad like me which is not too much into history loved like anything as vibe of the place is unmatched.

Sunrise at Matanga hill is the perfect way to start your backpacking trip in HAMPI as Sunrise and Sunsets are best in HAMPI.


Matanga Hill, HAMPI

It’s Ideal to rent a scooter or a bicycle to ride around Hampi and I suggest you to put at least 3 days to explore Hampi and theres a lot to explore and the spots are well spread and it can be tiring to try explore them all in a day or two as that will only allow you to get to the surface what these places hold in itself, You will have to stay and feel the vibe.

Best Places to See in HAMPI are:

Sunset at Hemakunta Hill

Virupksha Temple

HAMPI Bazaar

Vijaya Vittyla Temple (closes at 6PM)

Elephant Sables

Lotus Mahal (Closes at 6PM)

King’s Balance

Take a boat ride to the other side of hampi by crossing Tungbhadra River to enjoy the scenic side of Hampi as Hampi is divided in two parts, the scenic and the archaeological.




Paradise Beach, GOKARNA

The beach paradise of southern India which is quite famous among the backpackers who love sea is 485 kms west from Bangalore and I would choose Gokarna over Goa anyday if I am looking for some good time besides the sea.

Zostel Gokarna is located at the perfect place with a nice over view to KUDLE BEACH which makes it an ideal place to stay when you’re in Gokarna.

The route to Kudle beach from Paradise beach or the


Kudle Beach, GOKARNA

Best Places to Explore when you’re in Gokarna are:

-Kudle Beach

-Sunset point besides Kudle beach (Cliff)

-Paradise beach

-Mahabaleshwear Temple (Shiva Temple)

-Half Moon Beach

-Light House

-Evenings in Namaste Cafe besides Paradise beach are amazing.


COORG 1.png

COORG-The Land of Coffee is situated 256 kms west from Banglore in Karnataka is an amazing place which is a nice bundle of Nature with deep forests and hundreds of acres of coffee states. It is one of the Hill stations in Southern India where people mostly go from Bangalore as a weekend getaway and to be closer to the nature. Staying in resorts deep inside the jungle and coffee states is the best thing to do in Coorg.

Coorg is also known as the Scotland of India and Homemade wine and Chocolate is famous here.


Best Places to explore in Coorg are:

-Raja’s Seat (Amazing Panaromic View)

-Abbey Falls

-Hike to Tadiandamol

-Madikeri Fort



Another Famous Hill-Station in Southern India is Ooty to which Bollywood was obsessed in the 90s is an amazing place located 270 kms south-west in Tamil Nadu.

Ooty Market Area

There are a number of activities to be done in Ooty as it a famous hill station to which people visit in a large number yearly. When talking about Ooty , Conoor is an inseparable part of the conversation as Conoor ads to the natural beauty with the huge widely spread Tea Estates.

I would suggest to stay a day in Conoor when you’re in Ooty.


Best Places to explore in Ooty are:

-Boat House Ooty

-Rose garden and Botanical Garden

-Tea Estates in Conoor

-Nilgiri Mountain Railway. (Take a toy train to Conoor , 1hr Distance)

-Ooty Main Bazaar



Puducherry is a mini France in India which is a union territory with beautiful french colonies.It is a place where the essence of History seems to nicely jell with modernity with the beautiful geography as the cherry on the cake.


Best time to visit Puducherry is in monsoon and winters when you can peacefully explore the beautiful city as during summers the temperatures shoots upto 42 degrees and is really humid.

First thing that you would like to do in Puducherry is EAT!!! Yes there are several beautiful cafes in the area which serve amazing food. Bread and Chocolate Cafe is one of my favorite in Auroville road. One of the famous restaurant for local food in Puducherry is Chettinad Speciality Resturant.


Evenings at Rock Beach are the best to swim and witness the mesmerizing sunset and kite flying.


Best Places to explore in Puducherry are:

-Tour of Auroville

-Rock Beach

-Cafe Hopping

-White Town

-Promenade Beach


5. Kerala

When someone says Kerala the first thing that pops up in every mind is Boat House and Backwaters.

Kerala is located in the southwestern Malabar coast of India and is the 22nd largest Indian state in area. Kerala is all about Palm trees,Crashing surf,silent backwaters, beautiful boat houses,wildlife, ride paddies and beautiful coffee plantations.

Some of the best experience to bag while in Kerala are:

-Kayaking in Backwaters

-A night in the boathouse

-Chill by the Varkala Beach and Alappuza Beach

-A hike to Chembra Peak

-Revive at Soochipara waterfalls

-Drive by the beautiful tea plantations in Munnar

2 thoughts on “South India- Travel Guide

  1. Hey Gokul I love your blogs your first hand experience is apparent in all that you write we can feel what you feel it’s great work .am sending the link for your blog to many friends in Iran and india maybe you will have new followers .winderi g why you left out Kodaikanal though and please if you know of the best place to see elephants in the south for the Iranian friends please


    • Hi Sumedha.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      As per my experience I love the whole southern India. Ans there are many more places.

      While writing this i wanted to make it really precise and and wanted to make sure every place gives a unique experience as a whole.
      That is why I intentionally skipped few of other beautiful places that i love but that had the similar vibes and experiences as these places.

      And Thank you again for sharing this with your friends and for your love.

      For Elephants, there is a dubare elephant camp in Coorg but personally i did not like it as it was quite brutal there for elephants.


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