Udaipur, The City of Lakes


Experiencing the surreal sunset at Badi lake and a beautiful  cultural program at Bagore ki Haveli in Udaipur was one hell of a experience that made my birthday even  more special this November.

It was a chilly November morning and a loads of work  back at office when I got off the bus at bus stand Udaipur.  But also It was my birthday which I decided to spend at a place where I always wanted to be. UDAIPUR


Here are the must do things while in Udaipur:

1.Sunrise at KARNI MATA temple

2.Sunset at Monsoon Palace

3.Cultural show at Bagore ki Haveli

4.Stay in ZOSTEL, Moustache Hostel or Banjara Hostel

5.Night rides and walk besides Fatehsagar lake (Enjoy the late night coffee)

6.Sunset at Badi Lake

7.Boat Ride at Fatehsagar Lake

8.Chill at Gangaur Ghat in the evening

9.Eat at “The little prince” besides Gangaur ghat

10.Aarati at Jagdish Temple



I had spent all my birthdays either getting drunk with friends or spending time with my parents being a good lad.

I had good time in those birthday’s but it was not the ideal Birthday celebration I wanted to be fair I never wanted a celebration at all as I don’t  think birthdays to be celebrated at all.

I want my birthday or the following year in my life to start at a new place where I can be alone and reflect over the past year and be grateful about it.

Udaipur happened like that.

This city had me in the first glimpse of sunrise when I was walking the lanes to Pichola Lake after I had a delicious sandwich at a tea shop. The rays directly fell on the silent morning lake where boats were at halt nicely tied to anchors.


At 7:30 PM I was waiting for the bus in Gurgaon and at six next morning I reached Udaipur. The bus journey was not very comfortable, I guess that is what happens when you book your tickets for a day later and show up at pick-up point a day early. They gave me the back seat which was not actually a seat but anyways It had cushion to sleep on and I had to reach Udaipur. Hence no complains.

As soon as I set foot on Udaipur soil it was still dark and the bus stand had a few food carts (Chai Shop actually) this guy made nice sandwiches and I had never had such nice sandwiches in a chai shop at six in the morning.


After getting myself back to life with some food I started walking to Pichola Lake. The city was waking up slowly, there were all sorts of morning activities around. The shopkeepers opening and cleaning shops, the locals walking their dogs, the travellers checking in hotels and Me on the other hand walking to Pichola lake hoping to see a good sunrise. The walk to Pichola Lake was a scenic one with nice streets in the market which I would forget if I have to come again when the market was open and functional. The rays perfectly reflected on the lake and I had a good first morning in Udaipur.DSC_0078.JPG

After some pictures and after the sun was up I stepped out of the auto-rickshaw at Zostel Udaipur around 9 and the check-in time was 12PM and Hence I started chilling with few other guys who showed up early in the common room. I was super sleepy because of the bus journey last night and I had my bunk ready while they cleaned the room I was already asleep.


So the first thing I did in Udaipur after pulling out myself from my bunk is to get a ginger lemon honey tea which I do pretty much everywhere except my home (I gave up trying to make a good Ginger Lemon Honey Tea after multiple failures).


After going through the Zostel map of the city I picked up few spots for the day and headed out in the Udaipur streets and the Vibrant city had me take a long walk through its narrow streets and I forgot I was to rent a scooter for the day but whatever I was enjoying the vibes and I went on Rambling around the streets. I went to Fatehsagar lake and took the fast boat ride just to get a video of the waves beyond the boat jet. It was a sunny day and the boat rides are generally fun in the evenings.


DSC_0150.JPGAfter Fatehsagar Lake I took a long walk by the lake to a point where i took an auto rickshaw for Sahelio vi Bawri and It was no fun also being Diwali week the number of tourists from Gujrat filled the streets like a fair and I suggest not to go to Udaipur in Diwali week but also because of Diwali the view of city from Zostel roof top cafe was magical. The lighting all over the city twinkling like little stars added a flavor to my  dinner.DSC_0257.JPG

I called this day as a rest day as It was not much of exploring and more of chilling at my hostel but the next day had the best to show me from Udaipur.DSC_0421.JPG

After surviving a super long queue I finally got tickets to the cultural show at Bagore ki Haveli and the show was worth the wait and I never imagined some cultural so can be so vibrant and so interesting. The show featured detailed ancient dance,fights and culture with an anchor giving the sense behind the show.


This show made the day worth it was I was exhausted of the crowd in Monsoon palace and had came back to my hostel in a very bad mood. It was my birthday today and out of the blue I invited my friend to join me in the madness from Gujarat and and Nandini was at my Hostel next morning .


After the mandatory Lemon tea we started the day rambling in the bazaar and then went to Karni mata temple and started the hunt for best Rajasthani Thali and we ended up at Natraj Resturant for the very famous Rajasthani thali and Nandini claimed to have eaten better Rajasthani Thali and I believed in her out of the taste of the food at over hyped restaurant.


In the Evening we both had our buses back to Guraon and Gujrat (Nandini went Back to Ahmdabad) . Thankful to Nandini for the best tour day we sat at Zostel Rooftop cafe and enjoyed the evening with some beer and sunset glaring at the city sitting at the farthest corner of the cafe and hoping to meet again in another Travel Hostel.



So, Nandini and I met few months back at Pushkar Zostel and had a blast in Pushkar with few more fellow travelers and the friendship continued since then.

Before going back for the bus she introduced me to the best resturant/cafe in town (The Little Prince Resturant) This resturant has got the best Burgers and best Mocktails.

2 thoughts on “Udaipur, The City of Lakes

  1. Superb! Well explained everything about the city Udaipur(step by step) & decided to celebrate birthday at city of lakes…
    Fantastical palaces, temples,havelis and crooked, timeless streets add the human counterpoint to the city’s natural charms..
    Aravalli Hills stretching away in every direction.
    Nice pics. Clicked by you.
    Yes u r absolutely right we never feel tranquility on Festives season..
    Great well done Gokul..
    Keep traveling keep dreaming…☺👍


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