Champa Gali, The hidden art Lane in Delhi.

Are they trying to keep it a secret.?


Because secrets spread faster. YES! and in a place like New Delhi (India) beautiful art lanes like these should be kept secret because these should be only discovered rather than making it the next Hauz Khas.

Watch Video :

Just 5 mins from Saket Metro Station, This place is an oasis in deserted Delhi. After a weeklong work stress you can sit at one of these beautiful coffee shops surrounded by amazing graffitis and in the aura of soulful music. Company of your favourite book will be awesome at any of these cafes.



To have a peaceful evening and to think and to write a blog I personally prefer this place in Delhi.


The evenings at Champa Gali are as blissful as a walk in the mountains.The perfectly lit streets and fancy light around the cafes, The live music and the soulful records make an aura you want to dive into. The beautiful graffitis on the walls make it even cooler.


Everyone needs a peaceful getaway after a whole week of work. Champa Gali is my place to be . Take your special someone to this place and let me know how it was 🙂

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