Kumar “A brother in South”


The bus driver from Gokarna to Hospet turned out to be my best friend in Southern India.


Kumar a government bus driver and conductor who has two kids Ganesh and Mithun was one of the purest soul I’ve met in my travels.

It started from translating kannada to me during the journey as he was one only one who was fluent in Hindi in my whole journery.

Kumar a lover of motorcycles had owned a yezdi, a samurai , a 1974 model Royal Enfield and a 2012 electra.

Kumar’s bus dropped off in Hospet at 12:30 in the night and He was a local resident. He generously offered me the night’s stay at his place because he was concerned of me as I was the only one on the bus station who was not from around there.

But I had to go for the sunrise at Matanga Hill in Hampi and I wanted to go to kumar’s house and meet his family but also I did not want to miss the sunrise.

When I couldn’t join him to his house which was fifteen minutes walk from the  Hospet bus station, He gave me his number and took mine and asked me to call him if there’s any problem in Hampi. And he strictly advised me not to get out of the bus station during the night.

Kumar is a commerce graduate who had applied for all sorts of government jobs and he used to be a bright student but he couldn’t get any good government jobs as they would ask for a fat bribe during the final interview. He was frustrated of this and he took the job at Karnataka roadways as a driver where they asked for no bribe.

Kumar had college friends who were working as CA, Police inspectors, Pharmacists  and making huge money in Bangalore and kumar was happy to earn less and come back to his family in Hospet after his work hours.

Our conversations took longer route when Kumar mentioned  his only friend from northern India and his trip to Taj Mahal,Jaipur and Delhi.

Kumar is a man who had never touched alcohol and never smokes. And  there’s a story behind that. He was once rejected for a girl by her father because Kumar’s brother drink and they used to create quite a scene sometimes.

Kumar is a person who repays. Once his mother fell sick and all the doctors in the area referred her to Bangalore and it would involve a great deal of expense for a government bus driver. And one of his friend who was a homeopath asked him to follow his instruction and came to kumar’s house for regular checks and in 15 days Kumar’s mother was as healthy as ever and this friend of kumar wouldn’t take any money from kumar so Kumar gifted him his favourite yezdi motorcycle.

Kumar and I made plans to ride to Leh someday. Actually I told him about Leh as he have never been to Himalayas and he was pretty astonished by the photographs and video I showed him on my phone.

I spoke to kumar when I was returning and kumar had dinner ready for me to be sent to the bus station by his brother as he was in Gokarna driving bus. But My bus was about to leave and I promised him I will 100% visit him again and come to his house and meet his family. He asked me to stay in touch and promised a visit whenever he visits Delhi.

It was just another trip for me but I found a friend, a brother on the way and I think this is what life is about meeting these amazing people, seeing this wonderful dream like world and realize that change in your perception bit by bit and days by days and year by year.

I believe this is finding your soul pieces and this is how you find yourself .

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