A piece of soul


I believe that our soul has million pieces and before we were born those pieces was put all around the wide world for us to find them in our lifespan and become whole to reach nirvana and this is what real Shangrila  is. And this is the real meaning and purpose of life.

The pieces might be in people, cities, jungles, Mountains, Seas, your work, a new interest and everywhere else. What it all takes is to be open, to be open to new and to be open to people and to be receptive and to be open to change. The pieces won’t arrive with an announcement but you will know when it does. You will feel that in deep inside your being.

I have found some of my pieces and some are out there in unknown and I don’t look or await for Nirvana yet I try to be more and more every day.

And on a fine day,

The sky went orange and the fishermen ships were like stars in the sky with the twinkle lights over the blue ocean, the fierce waves became slightly invisible and more chaotic. The white cotton clouds became dark and the orange sun slightly pulled all its rays back.

I was still there on the highest rock counting the ships on the ocean and trying to understand the rhyme of the waves.

The green hills at the beach were now dark and invisible. And in these fifteen minutes I found a major piece of my soul in the Arabian Sea shore.

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