Triund Hill Trek


Triund trek is one of the most refreshing treks that the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh (India) has to offer. It is a 9km gradual trek which offers a mesmerizing panoramic view of bhagsu village and Mcleodganj while walking through the lush green rhododendron forest. It is a moderate trek which can be accomplished my almost all age groups.

To trek to Triund hill, it is  advised to stay a night at Bhagsu nag which is just 2 km from Mcleodganj main bazar so that one could enjoy the trek to its fullest by starting early morning. There is an option to book a cab to Galu temple which is the last motorable point to triund hill but i’ll suggest to save your hard earned money and start the trek from bhagsu nag itself via Rakkar village.

and also the night at bhagsu nag is far better than mcleodganj main market as bhagsu nag has the ambiance and cafe culture like old manali.



Just a kilometer above bhagsu nag is Rakkar/rakkad village, it seems like an international habitat rather than  a normal Indian Himalayan village.

A cafe owner at rakkar village who was very shy to tell her name told us that the locals rented rooms to the travelers for months also which attracted backpackers and it was the major source of income for villagers.

Rakkar village along with home-stay and cafe offeres facilities like cyber cafe and a shop to buy mountaineering equipments so that the travelers do not have to go to mcleodganj or bhagsu nag for these essential services.


A cafe cum home-stay at rakkar village



After passing through the streets or call it trails of rakkar village which sometimes walked us between houses of beautiful Himalayan architecture we reached to Galu temple.

and the decision to trek through rakkar village instead  of taking a cab to Galu temple from the motorable route was totally worthit.





After taking a little break at a shop near galu temple and grabbing some water for the journey we headed on our straight way to Triund hill. The adventure yet to be witnessed thrilled us from head to toe, after just a few moments of leaving the human habitat behind,the slideshow of beautiful rhododendron forest begun and the feeling of setting journey into the wild took us over._MG_0087.JPG


The charismatic view of Himalayas and the lush green oak and rhododendron forest almost made us camp the half way but the day has just begun and the journey just started and there laid many more amazing surprises that nature had to offer.




Triund hill trek offers easy and pleasant trails (if you trek in summers) and the view of mountains and a little fog over it will take your breath away along with the tiredness.

Just 30 minutes prior to the campsite of Triund hill there is a chai shop. oh! i’ve never had such an amazing tea in my life and the view in front of the shop and the natural rocky sitting doubles the taste of anything you order from the shop.




The Old Shepherd


Mountains with big hanging rocks almost the size of a houses, waiting for the magic touch to set them free made me fall in love with the Himalayas all over again in a even greater scale and the mountains here reminded me the mountains of Beijing,china which i always saw in pictures and dreamed to touch and feel them at least once in  my life.

After having two chais at the plastic roofed temporary shop we continued our journey to Triund hill campsite and the weather changed suddenly in the loveliest way possible. The clouds surrounded us as if they were waiting for someone to hear them out for a very very long time and in their stubbornness  to express themselves they didn’t even hesitate to conceal the mighty and sessile Mountains.

and while the romance between the cloud and us continued we didn’t realize that we never covered any distance but stood firm and heard the clouds roar and suddenly a voice in the background  broke the romantic spell which said “bhaiya baarish aane wali h jaldi jaaaao” this was the shop owner warning  us about the rain.


The adventurous sheeps





When we sat foot on the camping ground it was little foggy and the second we entered the plastic roof and threw our backpacks the clouds welcome us with a pleasant shower of rain, that chilling weather demanded some tea or being a tea lover i just wanted too many of them and with the tea the rain vanished too and uncovered the layer of fog and presented in-front of us the crystal clear snow covered mountains of Snowline.

The chill went through the spine to the knees to toes. I was confused for weather i should capture the magistic view by my camera or keep staring without wasting a second as i was doing.




The watch dog at triund


After getting our tent set up we moved to the sitting area of the cafe at the campsite and after some story sharing and chit chat it was dinner time already. daal rice here tasted so good, i don’t know if it was the food or the aura that was amazing.

After dinner we moved to our tents which were shaking badly due to the hilltop wind and i already had a plan in my head for if the tent flew off.

I slept to some lovely Passanger and James Blunt songs and i thought i would wake up directly next afternoon but sit awake when the tent begun to hit my face at 2AM. Now i couldn’t go back to sleep, All i did was to wait for the tent to go off and find a place inside the cafe hut for the night.

Luckily the tent was set up to withstand that kind of weather and it bravely fought for its existence with the wind and rain.




The morning had a freshness i never felt before.the crystal clear snowline and the sheep peeking into our tents (i don’t know what for) made me feel i was really INTO THE WILD.



And in this trip i made friends and  never fading lovely memories.

But like every bright sunny day is followed my a haunting dark night,like every spring has a fall. we had to come back, come back to the same insanely fast running world where we all are programmed to do certain things and run on certain tracks.



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