Grahan village, Himachal Pradesh

Grahan village is situated in kullu district of Himachal pradesh state of India. Its a 8km trek from kasol to  Grahan village. lets take a photo journey first 🙂DSCF3676.jpg 2.jpg

The start:





Mid Way:






DSCF3655.jpg 2.jpg

DSCF3651.JPGDSCF3664.jpg 2.jpg





Grahan village:

DSCF3676.jpg 2



It was a calm,early august morning and was a bit hard to know what day it was as every one of us had burried our cell phones in our rucksacks and moreover no one bothered to find out.

The first sip of my ginger lemon honey tea,ignited the urge to pull out my leather coated dairy i bought from ladakh. Lying on the siting area at first floor of the guest house i could see the whole grahan village and the clouds over it, come and go as the guest house was in new grahan ,that’s outer part of the local residential grahan village.

The view had me occupy the spot where i could sit on the edge of the sitting area throwing my legs hung out, while facing the beautiful mountains.

Gazing at the view again trying to write what i felt, i realised that no one could actually give the description or bring the feels to words, that this beautiful place deserved.So i tried to come as close as possible.

The clouds over the beautiful mountains of grahan village acted as over protective boyfriend, they came and went away in certain intervals as if the way we were looking at the view would ruin its beauty.

the dew grops over the maize field and apple trees had a sparkle in them like diamond crystles, the sound of chirruping birds and flowing water were the only audible sounds. Yes! no traffic, no honking, no hrash daily life running and no offfices to be at.

The loud speaker played James Blunt and Kygo tunes in a low volume which just gave life to every dead cell in my was a constant fight that weather i gaze the view with that lovely background music or read my book. Doing both the lovely days passed in no time.

DSCF3695.jpg 2.jpg





As per the local residants the Grahan village was originally formed of two kind of people.

The first kind were migrated from Malana village(kasol) they were very few in number and after wandering for a long time they found a plane piece of land in between mighty hills, the people who migrated from Malana were saints and the malanese people believe that they are desendents of Alaxander and their rituals involving purity and pollution are as stringent as their faith. The people of malana impose fine on non-natives if they touched the walls and their belongings, the entry to temples for non-native is prohobited and they dont even eat food cooked by a non native.

Entry in temples of Grahan village is also prohibited for non-natives as they comprise of malanese people also.

During the time of malanese people settling in not yet formed grahan village, arrived another group of people who followed Matamahai Temple. these people were in a greater number than malanese people.

A young man from malanese people had a child with a girl from another group of people in grahan village, there was a great conflict the unmarried couple was in exile for a long time and hence the days passed and they all became a single community including the couple in exile. and hence formed the beautiful Grahan village.

NOTE: please bring back your trash or dispose it at proper disposable place.Be a responsible traveler help in keeping those trails evergreen.





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