Best short getaway destination near Dehradun

People  from many parts of the country come to dehradun for holidays to explore Dehradun and Mussoorie, they come here to relax and let go the work stress and daily life stress.

But these holiday destinations are too hyped and commercialized which sometimes instead of reducing stress, increases it and if you guys follow me on instagram (www.instagram/thegokulblog) you know how much i hate those stay at a hotel and take a tour to market and go home kind of trips.

so,solutions to all these kind of problems,i take you to the best short getaway near Dehradun.

gokul 2

The roads:


I started my journey from Rajpur,Dehradun. I fuled my Royal Enfield and start to ride on Dehradun-Mussoorie highway, It was the month of july and the sky after the rain was mesmerizing.the highway showed me some nice view that i couldn’t resist clicking.


After riding 16-17km from Rajpur on mussoorie road and about 5-6 km earlier to mussoorie mall road i took the diversion road to Dhanaulti (NO the destination is not dhanaulti, have patience :p). the road was amazing, the road conditions are well and the the greenery with the sound of birds chirruping and wind blowing were the signs that i was riding to the lap of nature far from hectic city life and that killing pollution,crowded roads and the unnecessary honking.


While  travelling through Uttrakhand  if you dont try some Maggi and tea at  those Maggi points it would be a crime.



that cool sitting in a Maggi point in dhanaulti road

Stops on the way:

Dhanaulti is a hill station 24 km (15mi) from mussoorie, and it was on the to my destination. the major attraction of dhanaulti is the Ecopark and surkanda devi temple.


Eco park in dhanaulti


A locally prepared fruit drink shop in dhanaulti


Surkanda Devi Temple

Surkanda devi temple is up in the mountain in Mussoorie-chamba highway just 7km from dhanaulti Eco park, being up in the high mountain its a 3-4 km trek to reach to temple through nice trails.

Admiring these stops on the road i was riding closer to the destination, every turn in that sometime foggy, sometime crystal clear highway was making me want to take a halt.



The best work place


that lovely village on the way

The Destination:

After riding 75km from dehradun i finally reached to my destnation “PAHADI HOUSE”

A himalayan homestay/resort in Kanatal, which is 75 km from dehradun , nearly 290km from delhi and 240km from Chandigarh.DSCF3349.JPG

Pahadi house as the name suggests is an authentic himalayan theme resort situated in Kanatal,Uttrakhand, just 7km before the Chamba main market if you go through dhanaulti.

Pahadi house provides you the real himalayan lifestyle with the cottages with ancient himalayan architecture with a modern touch and healthy organic food grown in the resort’s own organic farms.

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I loved the nice organic local food served my nice and friendly staff.


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Places to see around Pahadi House:


Just 7km from the Pahadi house is chamba main bazar, where i loved the local sweets Bal mithai and Singori (also known as Patpeda).

and the tehri lake is 30 km from pahadi house which is also frequently visited by tourists but due to lack of time i could not visit tehri lake.

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Walk through Ecopark in Chopriyal village in kanatal is  bliss. the sky high deodar trees seem to touch sky in the park and the adventurous heart gets its fuel here.

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