Revive in Mcleodganj

Streets of Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj, the little lhasa in India is also known for its interesting street-walks through a different kind of culture


Streets of Mcleodganj - The little Lhasa in India

Mcleodganj is home for the tibetan guru and leader His Holiness The Dalai Lama an d the  tibetan  government  in  exile.

Under the himalayas, Dhauladhar mountain ranges, Mcleodganj is a beautiful hill station and a world known destination.


In the streets of Mcleodganj there is no skedaddling but,

Happy travelers in coffee shops,

explorers exploring cultures of this little lhasa

tourist buying memento form these cool street shops and

monks in maroon robe with a peaceful mind

is what is witnessed in mcleodganj.

Its a complete bliss to be here in these streets.

Shopping in Markets of Tibetian Town in Himachal Pradesh - Mcleodganj - Budha Statutes made up of Ashtadhatu & Stones, Meditation stuff, Jewellery etc (4 of 15)

Namgyal monastry,mcleodganj

Namgyal monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is the personal monastery of the 14th Dalai Lama

Its primary role is to assist with rituals involving the Dalai Lama og Tibet.

Situated in the heart of mcleodganj Namgyal monastery showers peace and humanity upon this heavenly hill station.

The spinning prayer wheels and thousand wishes and prayers associated with them created a music that brought my heart closer to the maker.


Monks chanting prayers during their rounds in the monastery  and the tourists from far away countries practicing Buddhist worshiping styles and meditating can be seen.

Peace was in the air, the haunting real life was left outside those monastery gates.

but,when i came back, i was immune to that day to day real life as i now knew, i was to fight and win it over.

Yes!!! that’s what the maker expects.



Dal Lake in Mcleodganj

The reflection of sky high pine trees over the Dal lake is quite a view to witness in mcleodganj.


The sittings besides the lake serve a beautiful purpose of reading area.

Listening to your favorite beats under these pine trees facing the lake is is out of the world feeling.

sit here for a while, quiet and calm. and you’ll know Just breathing is what it takes to live.




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