Tell me about a 28 km round trek in Himachal pradesh with some awesome waterfall on the way, adventerous jungle trails and amaizing natural hot water spring at campsite. How could one say no to such an amaizing place. A traveller friend @yeeshaprakash told me about the trek.

After listening to her story, I already felt the call.



Trek to Kheerganga, Parvati Valley, Kullu, Himachal

Tourists in the pool of natural hot water springs in Kheerganga, a place in Parvati valley in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

kheerganga trek is located in Himachal pradesh state of india in parvati valley.

*Route to kheerganga is (Manali-bhuntar-kasol-manikaran-barshaini-kheerganga)


I visited kheerganga in mid august with friends (@sudizchillin,@Harshvardan.rathore.5,@ranawatduke)

we took a bus from chandigarh to manali. it is a 5-6 hours journey by bus, you can get a comfortable VOLVO bus as well as cheaper HRTC buses.

A night’s stay at manali was delightful and the other night we stayed at barshaini. Barshaini is the last point of motorable road in kheerganga trek.The place has very less hotel facilities. but we enjoyed food at a little cafe in barshaini.

Next morning brought us a new adventure as we started our trek to kheerganga.


After walking not more than 2 km the series of surprises begun, We ran towards a small bridge over the river Ganges,the river was flowing so aggressively that it literally roared.



After clicking a few photographs we started to walk again as it was just the beginning , that we knew.Now we were trekking upwards.After the steep upward trek we entered a village or rather call it village of apple farm keepers as there were not much people just the ones guarding their apple farms from animals and trespassers.

The view of apple farm ignited craving for fresh apples in us.after a long pleading we were allowed to pluck 2 appless.

now it would be a crime if i get only 2 apples as permitted while im in a heavenly apple farm .


After a little break we continued to walk.. we were walking in the edge of mountain which gave us a magnificent view, we were tired but really not feeling tired, the view drained  all our tiredness.after walking a few kilometers we reached a village which mostly had cafes where we enjoyed fresh lemonades and headed in our way to paradise.

with every step our story was writing itself.with every step we were uncovering what we were in search for.with every step we were out to come alive.



After the refreshment while we were about to leave the village we came across some amazing ancient architecture.


ancient architecture in parvati valley


on the door were hung somer animal horns as a sign of protection



Thw first sight of rudranag waterfall killed our tiredness and it took us seconds to throw off our clothes and jump into the waterfall.


the water was freezing cold and it hit the body like thousand sticks.


After some chilling we wrapped our things and headed on our way.

more than half distance was covered and every kilometer had a new surprise and happy travelers returning and praising the heavenly place.

Just after we sat foot on the camping ground we sat on a cafe and ate like hungry monsters. Afterwards while my  friends were enjoying best weed of their lives i tried to capture the view in my eyes with a cup of tea.


locals in rudranag

At the evening we planned to take bath at the natural  hot water pool. the water wouldnt be as cold as the waterfall was the perception we made but. Standing besides the pool and watching the vapors come out of the pool gave us tickles.

it was difficult to leave the pool once we entered.



After a night’s stay we came back to the world which is not anywhere near how we dreamed it to be.



6 thoughts on “Kheerganga

  1. Brother youre going good.It’s a memory never to fade away from our brains.All the best for your blog.Keep progressing.All love and luck.✌️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gokul singh bhandri thts wht now i call a trek…seriously by juss reading it i can imagine how much yu guyz had enjoyed…specially pleading for those apple…epic tha yr…awwwieee meko b jana h :/


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